Product Details

● Reliability

  • This innovative ATM is designed, with a powerful CPU and durable CDM which can handle from 1,000 to 8,000 notes. It further strengthens the brand reputation of the ComNet 7000 Series range in the U.S, Canadam South Africa and rest if the world.

● Security

  • With its UL291 Business Hour cabinet, PCI certified EPP, security camera, WMV card reader, the ComNet 7000 Series is equipped for the highest level protection.

● High Capacity

  • The ComNet 7000 Series manages large capacities of cassettes and high transaction volumes. It supports 4 denominations from 1,000/2,000 notes to 8,000 notes, and a receipt printer with large storage capacity.

● Customization

  • Our ComNet 7000 Series technology can support futher compliance and application needs in the banking industry by offering various options based on the customers' specific needs.

  • Model. ComNet 7402rb
  • Country. Overseas
  • Inquiry. +82-1588-8275

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